CrossFit Dignus


CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program that incorporates a number of different movements from many domains, with the idea being that the body becomes the machine and actual machines are void.

CrossFit Dignus was born in a driveway in 2012, but quickly grew to the point where it had become a booming business just 18 months later. The owners moved to their brand new premises in April 2014, and set about creating a ‘gold standard’ CrossFit box, with their holistic fitness centre encompassing all elements of fitness: physical movement and functioning, nutrition, and psychology. At CrossFit Dignus, members essentially receive a group personal training session, with focused one on one attention from trainers.

Flex was engaged to design and fit out the CrossFit Dignus Box, or the ‘playground’ as they like to call it.



Flex liaised with the CrossFit Dignus team to create their perfect new athlete space, completing the install from design to launch in a period of 4 weeks.

Dignus 1
Dignus 2